• Learn how this woman lost 30lbs in 3 months with NO EXERCISE!!!

    SumKindaWndrful explains how she lost 30lbs using Oba Omi Bladderwrack and Seamoss capsules.
  • Introducing the K Love Kapsule!!!

    Women’s herbal capsule for mind and womb health

    All natural Ingredients and Benefits

    Blue vervain
    (anti-depression & cramps)

    Blessed thistle
    (reduces indigestion & bacterial infections)

    (reduces anxiety
    improved vaginal moisture
    & increased orgasm frequency )

    (anti-anxiety & improved urinary tract health)

    Irish Sea Moss
    (immune boosting and improved thyroid function)


    Talk to your doctor before trying this or other herbal supplements.

  • Variations in Seamoss

    Our wildcrafted seamoss requires cleaning prior to use. Sometimes you will find variation in it. As it is harvested directly ocean you may find salt, other seaweeds and plants in tangled in your seamoss. A thorough cleaining to your liking will take care of anything you may come across and does not affect the effectiveness of the plant at all.
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